Career Technical Education

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SBCAE Adult Schools and Community College offer both short-term career training programs and longer term career pathway options to address skills gaps in our regional workforce. SBCAE strives to create better linkages between basic skills/ESL and career training programs through contextualized skills development and bridge programs blending skills development and career technical education which will take lower basic skilled adults into career certificate programs leading to jobs with family-sustaining wages.

To provide apprenticeship training for their employees, many employers partner with the California Community Colleges or with the California Department of Education's (CDE) Regional Occupational Programs/Centers and Adult Schools. The community colleges have approximately 25,000 apprentices enrolled in over 160 apprenticeship programs comprised of a total of 66 trades/crafts titles located on 39 campuses. Apprentices receive on-the-job training via their employer, and then in the evening or weekend receive employer selected “Related and Supplemental Instruction” (RSI). Through many of the RSI apprenticeship programs an apprentice can earn a certificate or degree (Associate of Arts or Associate of Science). The apprenticeships are typically three to five years in length.

SBCAE pre-apprenticeship programs prepare students for registered apprenticeship. Pre-apprenticeship programs orient students to apprenticeship programs available to them in a certain industry sector, build mathematical skills, contextualized English, and career exploration. Our members regularly scan opportunities to expand into new areas of pre-apprenticeship.


One of four SBCAE Faculty Work Groups, the CTE Faculty Work Group advances the implementation of the Three Year and Annual Plan, as it relates to CTE and Apprenticeship Programs.

Current Year Activities, aligned with project 3 in the 2020-2021 work plan include:

  • Updating and Maintaining the Consortium wide CTE Matrix
  • Identifying gaps in service and make recommendations for bridge program/contextualized ESL development
  • Creating Student Journey Maps for ESL/Basic Skills students transitioning into CTE
  • Apprenticeship & pre-apprenticeship

2020-2021 CTE Faculty Work Group members

Tina Dave Santa Clara Adult Education Carol Brockmeier Mission College
Philip Crawford San Jose City College Jagrup.Kahlon San José City College
Kirti Venkatasawmy Campbell Adult Education Heather Murillo West Valley College
Melody Barta Evergreen Valley College Mila Shcherbataya Milpitas Adult Education
Rick Abare San Jose Evergreen CCD Nazila Safari Silicon Valley Adult Education
Ryan Flanigan West Valley College Ronny Bates East Side Adult Education
Valli Sharpe-Geisler East Side Adult Education Vinita Munshani Milpitas Adult Education
Alecia Myers-Kelley
Steering Committee member
Silicon Valley Adult Education Brad Weisberg
Steering Committee member
West Valley College
Lena Tran
Steering Committee member
San Jose City College Leslie Johnson-Tatsuta
Steering Committee member
Campbell Adult Education
Kishan Vujjeni
Steering Committee member
San Jose Evergreen CCD vacant vacant

CTE Faculty Work Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes