Transition Specialists

SBCAE Transition Specialists function as the connective tissue between our members and are instrumental in operationalizing our No Wrong Door model of Universal Pathways. They help students navigate our systems and facilitate the many possible transitions available to them.

Core Transition Specialists Functions are:

  • Conduct student intake and orientation
  • Facilitate students’ education transitions
  • Facilitate students’ transition to the workforce
  • Facilitate students’ transitions to civic participation
  • Connect students to support services
  • Plan and conduct outreach and community engagement activities

Transition Specialists are embedded within each of our member organizations, and meet regularly as a Community of Practice. As with other work groups, their joint activities are guided by the consortium’s Three Year Regional Plan, Annual Plan and Projects Plans.

Current year projects, aligned with Project 5 in the 2020-2021 Work Plan include:

  • Development of a TS Resource Hub
  • Inform SBCAE’s common data collection and reporting standards
  • Case consultation
  • Professional development
Transition Specialist District Email
Ana R. Camacho San José City College
Christine Auran Campbell Adult Education
Elaine Lagge Campbell Adult Education
Gina Riccitelli Evergreen Valley College
Kelle Mason Campbell Adult Education
Margarita Ortiz-Minett Campbell Adult Education
Monica Sain Mission College
Patti Gairaud Milpitas Adult Education
Ryan Flanigan West Valley College
Sajeemas Mint Pasakdee Santa Clara Adult Education
Shawn Tran East Side Adult Education
Sonya Espinola East Side Adult Education
Tracy Smith Silicon Valley Adult Education

TS Resource Hub